Single PC: Multiple Google Chrome Browsers

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How to USE Multiple Google Chrome Browsers on PC? Use unlimited chrome browser on your PC, laptop, Windows, or MAC. So let’s see.

Hello, guys, my name is Thomas, and today in this post I tell you about how to run multiple Chrome browsers on one PC or laptop.

Run Multiple Google Chrome Browser On PC

Chrome is the best web browser in today’s time. Every smartphone or PC user mostly uses google chrome to browse the internet. In Google Chrome, you get many features that make easy your internetwork.

On a smartphone, it is straightforward to use multiple chrome browsers on a single phone. Many smartphone manufacturers are giving features of Clone Apps.

With this feature, you can make an application’s clone version on your mobile device.

But, in Windows or MAC, you don’t get this feature. So let’s see how we can run google chrome’s multiple clones on a single pc.

Multiple Chrome Browser On PC

Friends, here you see the best tricks to run google chrome’s multiple browsers on your PC.

Please follow the given below steps to use google chrome’s clone browser on your pc.

Multiple Google Chrome Browser On Windows or MAC

Here you see the best method to run google chrome browser on windows or mac multiple times. Please follow the given below steps.

  1. First, you need to install Google Chrome (if you not install)
  2. Now you open Google Chrome.
  3. Now you click on people option.
  4. Here you click on Manage people option.
  5. Now click on add person option.
  6. After that, Now Enter your Name and click on Add person option.
  7. Make sure please tick on add desktop shortcut.

Image tutorial for using Google Chrome on Window or MAC

Here are some images that help you to use multiple chrome browsers on your PC. please follow all instructions.







Video tutorial for using Google Chrome on Window or MAC

Please watch this video to better understand to use multiple Chrome browser on PC.

So, friends, I hope you understand how to use multiple google chrome browsers on PC. if you like this post then do share it with your friends or social media.

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